ndustrial Services

ndustrial Services

Blue collar and technical workforce management for mid to large clients is in our DNA. Smart systems are one thing, but we know first-hand that businesses want customer service and industry knowledge. The technology we offer supports and meets this need.

Industrial services companies face huge challenges ahead. For instance; what do they do about being locked into old industrial workplace agreements negotiated many years ago?

The workforce of the future is hard to attract, mobile, and likely to want digital tools such as mobile apps for rosters and timesheets and to make changes to their pay details. Hierarchies are being broken down and front line field workers are taking more of a lead with the tools on offer to help them better manage teams, obtain data and collaborate across their organisation.

A successful and viable business today needs Human Capital Management innovation – not just policy and red tape.

The team at Red Wind are on the ground and ready to help our customers put in place the right HCM operating model as they navigate their way towards the future.

Many employers today know they need to move into the cloud environment, but don’t know where to start. Achieving game changing operational efficiency gains, and significant reduced costs is only possible with strategic thinking. Our expert team works with you as your technology partner to ensure each step you take is in the right direction as you use cloud technology to break the cycle of high cost, inefficient payroll and workforce management.

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