The heavy transport sector is well accustomed to planning how to get from A to Z in the most efficient way possible when it comes to its fleet. Logistics costs, and fleet asset management has always taken priority. But today the big-ticket item for cost reduction and efficiency gains is around the workforce and how work is done.

The industry faces a number of workforce management challenges. Multiple shifts, heightened OHS & Compliance risk, and legacy systems for payroll and roster management that don’t integrate with other systems are just a few.

Our payroll implementation consultants have in-depth client experience and industry knowledge of heavy transport, and the unique elements that need to be considered when changing over out-dated legacy systems for ‘As a service’ HCM cloud based solutions.

Many employers today know they need to move into the cloud environment, but don’t know where to start. Achieving game changing operational efficiency gains and significant reduced cost can only be achieved with strategic thinking. Our expert team works with you as your technology partner to ensure each step you take is in the right direction, as you use cloud technology to break the cycle of high cost, inefficient payroll and workforce management.

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