Mining & Civil

Mining & Civil

Change is never easy. Even when driven at an Executive level, there’s often resistance from Middle Management. The dilemma facing those Managers reluctant to change is that the other side of the industry ‘boom of a century’ doesn’t look so good without it.

The ‘post boom’ mining & civil winners are those that are facing up to what a decade of complacency looks like. The industry is now looking at fresh ways to move forward in a business environment where companies need to do more with less.

Economic pressures have forced industry wide redundancy’s and wage freezes. While these measures offer a short term fix, a long-term approach is critical to winning the market. Getting the right operating model, improving workforce flexibility, and eliminating administration bottlenecks are all mission critical.

We recognised this years ago and decided to take a risk, by investing and positioning ourselves as an organisation that is uniquely able to navigate our clients, and transition them into having an intelligent operating model and agile workforce. We couldn’t be more excited to be in the trenches with our customers as they progress their capability from old world to new.

The combination of our people, experience and our ‘best in breed’ integrated HCM cloud technology makes us the genuine article to achieve great things with our clients in Mining & Civil.

Many employers today know that they need to move into a cloud based environment, but don’t know where to start. Achieving game changing operational efficiency gains, and significantly reduced costs is only achieved with strategic thinking. Our expert team works with you as a technology partner to ensure that each step you take is in the right direction as you use cloud technology to break the cycle of high-cost inefficient payroll, and workforce management.

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