With Clients driving down prices, and competition being so strong for work, major Engineering Construction companies in Australia are aggressively looking to better manage risk, become more agile, reduce internal department overheads and improve business performance.

Major challenges for the industry include client driven demands, attracting hard to find skill sets, time to fill, durations to hire & start staff, high levels of employment related compliance risk, and union pressures. These are all critical challenges for companies as they tender for work and attempt to make a return on investment on projects won.

As big construction looks to leaner operating models that prescribe a ‘do more with less’ approach and agile workforce, we’re there to do the heavy lifting to make it a reality. Our team has grass roots operational experience in working with some of the largest engineering and construction companies in the world, so we know your business.

The combination of our people, experience, and our ‘best in breed’ integrated HCM cloud technology makes us the genuine article to achieve great things with our clients in Engineering Construction.

Many employers today know they need to move into the cloud environment, but don’t know where to start. Achieving game changing operational efficiency gains and significant reduced cost is only achieved with strategic thinking. Our expert team works with you as your technology partner to ensure each step you take is in the right direction as you use cloud technology to break the cycle of high cost, inefficient payroll and workforce management.

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