Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

Contingent workforce engagement is common for the energy sector. Companies use this to align resources with peaks and troughs, and have more competitive workplace agreements.
Today with ‘Everything as a Service’ (Cloud), companies can better plan & manage their contingent workforce with digital tools.

‘As a Service’ cloud software means energy companies can track jobs being carried out real time, get hours worked automated straight into the payroll system, and provide the workforce with the digital tools to help them be self-managing and agile.

Our unique Integration Factory allows us to select the best HCM technology in the world to make up a unique end to end workforce management system for our clients.

Many employers today know that they need to move into the cloud environment, but don’t know where to start. Achieving game changing operational efficiency gains and significantly reduced cost is only achieved through strategic thinking. Our expert team works with you as your technology partner to ensure each step you take is in the right direction as you use cloud based systems to break the cycle of high cost, inefficient payroll and workforce management.

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