Aged Care

Aged Care

A significant outcome of the recent Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality & Safety is an increased focus on safety and quality of care that is delivered and the introduction of measures such as:

  • significant funding for the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission to undertake its compliance activities with a particular focus on failures of care
  • the introduction of nationally consistent worker screening, a national register and code of conduct for all aged care sector workers
  • expansion of the Serious Incident Response Scheme into home care and community-based services from 2022
  • reporting of staffing hours to be introduced in residential aged care in 2022.

Red Wind has the technological functionality within our payroll platform, and experience and capability in the team to work with Aged Care providers to assist meet some of their proposed obligations particularly as it relates to:

  • reporting on staff hours, for example by July 1, 2022, at least 200 minutes per resident per day for the average resident, with at least 40 minutes of that time with a registered nurse,
  • the breakdown of residents’ time with personal care workers versus nursing staff.

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