Business Process Outsourcing is nothing new. From Recruitment Process Outsourcing, IT Outsourcing, and Payroll Outsourcing, BPO has long been viewed as a mechanism to reduce costs and leverage specialist skills while allowing businesses more time to focus on core productivity.


Traditionally a company might outsource services to a range of third parties, but the rise of integrated technology and the need for business to adopt a lean operating model has led companies to seek out providers offering a broader range of services under a consolidated, cost-effective agreement.


Enter Neo-Sourcing.


Neo-Sourcing is the combined delivery of BPO and IT Outsourcing, whereby third-party providers offer not only services, such as back-end recruitment and payroll processing, but also the latest technology on the market to deliver it. A fully integrated service that allows you to optimize HR, Procurement and Finance services within your business with leading technology, without the need for you to invest heavily in CAPEX, as well as being able to reduce your OPEX through a reduction in internal resourcing requirements.


The benefits of Neo-Sourcing see your business not only have access to the latest technology and a reduction in back-end processing, but also a reduction in cost, more streamlined processing, and greater optimisation of internal processes such as payroll, procurement and recruitment sourcing.


And while some might argue that traditional BPO has always delivered service through technology, Neo-Sourcing offers an opportunity for business that traditional outsourcing hasn’t. Integrated cloud-technology means that Neo-Sourcing encourages a partnership between business and BPO’s, with companies getting full access to the technology being utilised by the third party, and full transparency and control over their data, as well as in some cases the integration of the third-party technology with their existing systems, so as to greater optimise and integrate internal processing.


Neo-Sourcing is a solution for businesses looking to expand without increasing tech infrastructure or head count, as well as businesses looking to get a competitive edge, without the additional overheads or upfront investment.


It would be impossible for one business to keep up with the latest range of technology for each their core business units, which is why partnering with a specialist IT and BPO provider makes sense, as you get access the most effective tech for your business, without having to invest to do so.


So, when looking at how you can optimise business processes, you should look at providers who offer more than service delivery, but a broad range of services, coupled with the latest integrated technology. By finding a provider with cutting edge tech you’ll inadvertently reduce cost and improve productivity without the need for heavy investment.


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