We offer job management software for Industrial Services, Mining Services, Oil & Gas, Building Services and more.

The cloud technology we distribute is making it easier for the enterprise to manage jobs projects, material costs and assign labour costs. And this is just the tip of the iceberg!

We have selected only ‘best in breed’ products that offer our target enterprise customer base huge operational efficiency gains.When the best job progress and tracking, workforce deployment (rostering, real time availability), and cost allocation management software is deeply integrated into genuine automated cloud payroll software, the business results are amazing.

Your workforce, the jobs they are doing, how they get paid and how easily you can get reports on what’s happening in your business will transform your business agility.

Features, Tools & Benefits

The job management cloud technology we have pulled into our one login portal environment includes the following key attributes:

Job Tracking Software
  • CRM
  • Project Scope and Management tools
  • Add skills
  • Industry specific and job type templates
  • Ability to assign expenses, job codes and job costings
  • Track job and project milestones, and flag variations along the way
  • Multiple Billing and Invoicing options
Management Software
  • Build work and skill specific groups online
  • Build a workforce plan against a project
  • Forecast and build rosters based on immediate availability
  • Remote access applications for mobile and field based workers
Service Payroll
  • Workforce and customer notifications
  • Schedules that can be changed in real time via our mobile app
  • Automated emails that alert customers of the arrival status of trades people
Payroll Specialist
  • GPS location
  • Job progress in real time
Job Management Software
  • Asset maintenance
  • Service jobs imaging and quoting
  • Mobile workforce app
  • Real time data download and reporting
HR Software
Integrated & API Credentials
  • Payroll
  • Single Sign On (SSO) environment