Each life-cycle area of Human Capital Management is so comprehensive, and cloud technology moves so fast that one product software vendor cannot provide a genuine ‘’all-in-one’’ solution.

With cloud technology exploding, API led connectivity is rapidly changing the IT landscape for business. Industry today wants easy and fast integration of multiple best-in-breed products.

That’s why we have invested into building the Red Wind Integration Factory. Our innovation is taking our customers business to the next level.

The Integration Factory includes a web application that provides an easy, single sign on access to our selected integrated systems, enabling us to provide the ultimate managed service experience for our customers.

Through our single sign on dashboard users can access their bundled modular solutions. The portal will include integration usage analytics, error logs, and alerts.


Bringing the worlds best cloud products together into one dashboard with deep level integrations creating a genuine end-to-end solution for your business



  • When you rely on just one ERP vendor’s technology solution, you are stuck with the good, the bad and the ugly. That’s why we partner with multiple cloud based software providers. We select the best combination of cloud products for your business to be turned on in your dashboard, portal environment. Being a service driven business, we know what our customers want, so we only partner with cloud software providers that are the very best for the industries we work within.
  • Our enterprise customers get the ‘keys to the castle’. Your very own central environment of ‘best in class’ integrated products. Our system synchronisations are uniquely robust and ‘deep level’. This means huge efficiencies for the enterprise, and a genuine ‘end to end’ solution.
  • Our Integration Factory ensures that changes carried out by one product vendor won’t corrupt the integration. We route connections that are built to last and not fall over.
  • If one of our customers is using a leading world class product that they wish to include in the single sign on portal we’re happy to integrate it with our other white label products.
  • Once we have assessed our enterprise customer’s operational business requirements and we understand your bottlenecks and productivity issues, we select and recommend a combination of integrated products to suit the business based on capability and cost.
  • We offer further consultation and project work if the customer wants a unique piece of innovation to further enhance the existing product synchronizations. This provides for the perfect end to end integrated solution for our customers.