HRM technology sits at the heart of any enterprise looking for an end-to-end, integrated HCM solution.

We are passionate about the HR issues that businesses face daily, and have extensive experience at a grass roots level, so we can confidently claim to be experts.

We are therefore well positioned to have a good knowledge base to be able to support any new best in breed technology we introduce to our enterprise customers.

We have a team of professional consultants that provide specialist Industrial and Employee Relations advice to enterprise level customers.

Features, Tools & Benefits

Human Resource Management

We only partner with the best HRM technology software companies.

We have multiple cloud options for our customers, depending on the issues facing their business.

All of our HRM products are accessible through single sign on, and integrate with other life-cycle products.

HRM System

All of the HRM cloud software that we support is integrated into the Red Pay Technology.

Unlike others that claim to be able to connect with hundreds of applications, our integrations are deep layer and reliable.

The Red Wind Integration Factory allows for the best HCM systems in the world to connect, giving the customer the ultimate user experience.

HRM Solutions

Business users can easily define, streamline, and manage their own workflow and business processes.

By bundling modular solutions you can manage your contingent workforce and your direct employees in one place, giving you complete visibility over your workforce:

  • Easily track employees and contractors
  • Create alerts for key dates including probation periods, contracts and license expiries
  • Eliminate paper
  • Reduce processing times
  • Improve stakeholder engagement
  • Real time automated reporting
HRM Outsourcing
OH&S Tracking

Keep stakeholders on the same page when safety milestones are achieved & report with ease in real time.

Better data produced in real time ultimately means improved workforce safety and compliance. Our selected technology covers all aspects of planning, managing risk, safety & compliance. Its paperless & easy-to-use, leaving a complete audit trail and connecting the people involved in a project, job or location.

Proactively identify, control, and manage workplace health and safety incidents and hazards.

HRM Service

Establish clear visual guidelines on what good performance looks like.

Create, track and report on goals and tasks from any device for increased productivity.

Foster a collaborative dialogue for improved performance and employee development between employees and managers.

Create a plan for the future.

Payroll Processing System

Why use expensive legal firms? We offer a better way.

For Clients that use our HRM managed technology services, or other payroll services we offer an Industrial & Employment advisory solution to ensure our customers get the best advice.

This includes hot areas like EBA renegotiations, redundancy, performance management, termination, and contract arrangements – just to name a few.