Time & Attendance

Time & Attendance

Our flexible methods of capturing time ensure we can cater to all business needs and scenarios whilst providing seamless integration with payroll.

We understand that every business is different. Employees may work all their shifts in a fixed location, or work several shifts in a day across multiple locations. As such, we provide several solutions for recording employee start & finish times. These include:


HR Attendance Software
Clock Me In

Clock Me In is an iPad app designed to easily allow employees to clock on/off. Real time clock activities identify variances between rostered and actual time worked. Managers can perform clock events on behalf of employees and quickly add new employees to get them working immediately.

Payroll Process
Employee Portal

Employees can log in to their portal through any web enabled device and create timesheets based on units produced, hours worked or start and finish times. Managers will then be notified so they can review and finalise the timesheet ready for payment.

Employee Payroll
Mobile Field Application

Employees can enter their start, finish and break times within the Field mobile app. Timesheets can be copied over to other days and notes can be entered for managers to view. Timesheets are synced instantaneously allowing employees to view, in real-time, the status of each timesheet.

Time Attendance System Software
Web Kiosk

Use RedPay’s Web Kiosk through any web enabled device (computer, laptop, tablet) so employees can clock on/off by entering their unique employee ID and PIN. Break times can also be captured. Track events and geo-location of each clock activity through our Kiosk Activity Report.

Time and Attendance Software
Manager Permissions

Managers can enter and/or modify timesheets on behalf of employees. Our comprehensive permission settings allows you to tailor which employees or groups of employees a manager can access. Additionally, managers can be authorised to approve timesheets.

Payroll Outsourcing Company
Timesheet Import

Our timesheet import function allows users the flexibility to import timesheets from a variety of sources, including CSV file formats as well as direct import from third party providers. You can also create timesheets using the roster and then allow staff to update based on their actual time worked.

Rostering Software
Combined Features

These great features, combined with our pay conditions engine and integrated timesheets, significantly improves the management of your employees’ payroll related activities and ensures time and attendance records are contained within a single cloud based application.

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