Payroll Process & Rostering

Payroll Process & Rostering


Rostering staff with real time shift costs will help you easily manage your staffing costs.

Our rostering functionality enables businesses to easily build and manage their roster – at an employee, department and business level. Such features includes:

Scheduling Software


Third Party Payroll
Easily build your roster

Our intuitive rostering allows you to create shifts based on employees’ standard work hours, move shifts around simply by dragging and copying shifts from one employee/day to another. Unavailability and approved leave is also displayed so you only need to look in one area to determine staff movement.

Outsourced Payroll Solutions
Roster according to budget

Using our budget manager will allow you to easily identify when roster costs are nearing or exceeding budgeted costs before publishing the roster. Budgets can be set by day and by location and are based on either a % of sales or a fixed amount.

Payroll Firm
Display real time costing

Whether you have installed any of our pre-configured Awards, created your own rule sets or have staff on fixed hourly rates or salaries, all shifts will be interpreted and costed accordingly. Costs are viewed by shift, employee, day, week and fortnight basis.

Staff Scheduling
Shift notifications

Notify staff of their shifts via sms and/or email, with just one click of a button. Additionally, staff using WorkZone will receive push notifications. Staff can also have the option of declining shifts upon receiving their shift notifications.

Roster Management
Copy roster to another period

Easily copy a day, week or fortnightly roster for a specific employee or all employees to another specific day, week or fortnight.

Payroll Management Company
Compare rostered vs actual

Prior to approving timesheets, compare rostered shifts vs actual time worked to effortlessly identify any major discrepancies.

Rostering Software
Combines Features

These great features combined with integrated time sheets and pre-built award interpretation mean it’s now possible to manage your employees’ payroll related activities – from rostering to pay run – within a single cloud based application.

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