All in one payroll system Automation

All in one payroll system Automation

Eliminate the burden and frustration of dealing with time consuming manual processes.
Here are just some of our features that will bring a smile to your face as you realise all the time you will save on an ongoing basis. Set up the features once and then watch RedPay do the rest.


Payroll System Automation
Super Payments

SuperStream compliance has never been easier when using RedPay – we have been certified as a gold level SuperStream product after all! RedPay’s integration with ClickSuper allows you to automatically process super contributions with the click of a button. You can choose to process monthly, quarterly or any other custom period that suits you.

Payroll Platforms
ATO Reporting

Reduce manual processing by generating ATO compliant reports from within RedPay and submitting directly to the ATO via the ATO Business Portal or the ATO ECI Interface. RedPay is also SBR-enabled, thereby facilitating the ability to electronically lodge Tax File Declarations and Payment Summaries directly to the ATO with the click of a button.

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Leave Calculations

RedPay provides the flexibility to cater for different leave entitlement scenarios within a business. You can set up different accrual entitlements on a per hour worked or per pay run basis, enable specific leave categories on a per employee basis, set what pay categories should or shouldn’t accrue leave, just to name a few.

Payroll Processing Services
Termination Calculations

RedPay’s termination wizard eliminates the complicated process of manually calculating payout entitlements – whether it be a resignation or genuine redundancy. RedPay will automatically process all leave types to be paid out, determine taxable and tax-free amounts and calculate the PAYG according to the ATO’s specifications.

Payroll Process
Manager Notifications

Managers can configure what automatic email notifications they want to receive pertaining to leave and expense requests, unavailability, timesheet submissions and shift declines. Managers can also opt to receive daily reminder emails identifying all pending requests awaiting to be approved, thus ensuring managers are constantly updated on employee events without having to be logged in.

Payroll System Automation
Employee Notifications

Automatically notify staff they’ve been paid or rostered to work via SMS or email. Pay slip notifications can be published upon completion of the pay run or be scheduled at another time preferable for the business. RedPay also automatically sends notification emails to employees regarding any leave or expense requests submitted, including updates to those requests.

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