Contingent Workforce engagement is growing at 15-20% per annum (whilst full time employment is growing at 2-8% per annum)

Outsourcing of workforce resourcing, flexibility and risk management through a 3rd party is on the rise.

Due to recent advances in technology, and the ever-increasing Fair Work compliance burden, many employers are now outsourcing the sourcing, recruitment, hiring and payroll operations for the contingent or project part of their workforce.

We provide a comprehensive managed vendor solution that provides our enterprise customers with the capability of having an agile workforce of the future.

We’ design bespoke workforce solutions using ‘best in breed technology’ to build an end-to-end Contingent Workforce Management solution.

We can augment any of our solutions to accommodate our customers’ employee or contractor hiring requirements.

Features, Tools & Benefits

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Cut Out Labour Hire Fees

Red Wind offers a vendor neutral 3rd party, contingent workforce management solution. We are not a labour hire firm.

We don’t compete with our customers for the labour we engage and facilitate. As a HCM technology and employment services business, we can offer savings of up to 50% compared with traditional on-hire labour hire agencies.

Cutting out labour hire and external agencies will reduce cost however a business needs a workforce capability so this should only be done with a strategy to ensure a capability is in place.

Our consultants are experts in working with industry to reduce workforce cost, through the streamlining of suppliers and improvement business performance through Human Capital Management technology.

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Employment Partnering – Fixed Term Project

More and more organisations are starting to outsource their end-to-end processing for project based work. Australia is fast adopting the US & UK practice of looking to partner with a Professional Employment Organisation (PEO) or a Contractor Management Organisation (CMO) as a way to reduce risk and internal department cost.

Our customers engage with us at the workforce planning stage, at which point we use our recruitment expertise & technology to build a talent pool. Our enterprise partners get the whole end to end solution including the legal employment hiring, compliance management, workforce mobilisation, and on-going HR support.

The benefit of this model is reduced internal recruitment cost, improved workforce flexibility & time to hire. Our clients benefit from improved workforce flexibility, productivity based agreements, and the benefit of of utilising another firms more advanced technology and resources.

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Optimal Workforce Flexibility

Red Winds Contingent Workforce Management solution offers organisations seeking ways to ramp up and down quickly depending on project requirements.

Depending on the needs of the business, a business usually needs a combination of independent contractors, sub-contractors, casuals, and fixed term contract workers to complement their workforce.

Our solution allows customers to streamline and consolidate processes, reduce spend, get real time reporting, and achieve optimal workforce flexibility.

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Joint Ventures with Business Owners

We enter into genuine joint venture partnerships with start-ups and business owners who are looking to avoid the cost and significant legal risk of employing a complete workforce.

The cost to administrate, hire, cash-flow and manage an entire workforce is significant. Many start up business owners are starting to realise that they’re better off concentrating on the customer and product ends of their business, rather than exhaust resources on back-end processes.

Joint ventures can be high risk, and that’s why we only partner with the smartest and most committed people.

Partners we enter into business with leverage off hundreds of thousands of dollars of workforce management technology, as well as benefiting financially by having their workforce cash-flowed by us.