No one likes ominous clouds. They usually signify rain or that a storm’s brewing. White fluffy clouds in the shape of bunnies on the other hand add to a sunny day. And as the wind blows, those white clouds can form any number of shapes, full of endless fluffy possibilities. A bit like cloud based technology.

Cloud Technology. You’ve heard about it. You can’t see it, but you know it’s there. Somewhere. “Up in the cloud”.

When Cloud technology first came in I remember thinking, what the hell is cloud technology? I then remember being told by my IT department that they would need to access my laptop so that they could move all of my files “into the cloud”. It was at this stage that I decided that I didn’t really need to know what the Cloud was, I just needed to embrace. After all, I’m sure Silicon Valley has it under control. And so I embraced it – and boy am I glad I did.

Cloud technology is amazing. They should really call it “access your information from anywhere and save heaps of space” technology. Not only that, all of the systems we use at our organisation speak to each other. So now I can be anywhere, on any device and get my work done in a few simple clicks. The other fantastic thing about all of the latest Cloud based systems is how EASY they are to use.

I say this as someone who isn’t up with the latest trends and who still doesn’t really know what the Cloud is. But it seems like any system I jump into now to demo I can pretty much navigate my way around quite quickly without any guidance. Why? Because the interface is so simple, the systems are streamlined and they’re designed with the user in mind. Why upload a file when you can drag and drop? No longer do I have to ask someone to email me a document when I’m working from home. I can access it from anywhere!

Cloud based systems are also designed for business, with most systems now able to fully integrate and accessible on any device. This means organisations now have more options regarding flexible work arrangements, can better manage a workforce across multiple work sites, and have greater visibility and access to data. All of which makes for a more productive and progressive operation.

So when looking at how you might improve your business, consider a fully integrated cloud based solution. Our clients haven’t regretted it, and you won’t either.