Thinking of introducing Neo-Sourcing to your business?

Neo-Sourcing is the combined delivery of BPO and IT Outsourcing, whereby third party providers offer not only services, such as back-end recruitment and payroll processing, but also the latest technology on the market to deliver it. A fully integrated service that allows you to optimize HR, Procurement and Finance services within your business with leading technology, without the need for you to invest heavily in CAPEX, as well as being able to reduce your OPEX through a reduction in internal resourcing requirements.


There are a few things to consider when partnering with a third party outsource provider. The first is service delivery. Quite simply – can they deliver the service you need? Does the company you’re engaging employ people who are experts in their fields? Do they offer more than one service? And do they have the technology needed to deliver all of these services in a seamless and efficient manner?

Ideally you should find a third party who can deliver a range of services. By engaging a provider with a broad service delivery and range of technology, you can find an arrangement that suits both your budget and organisational culture.

With so many cloud based systems on the market, along with cutting edge payroll and recruitment technology, a third party who can offer you a range of solutions means you have the power to create a fully integrated network of systems that speak to each other in order to optimise your business processes in a way that’s both cost efficient and low-risk.

Things to ask any prospective outsourcing partners:

  • Are they experts in their field?
  • Do they have a range of technology and can it all be fully integrated?
  • Can their payroll technology manage multiple awards and rates across individual shifts?
  • Does it offer rostering and online timesheet options?
  • Can they link payroll costs directly to business unit cost centres?
  • Do they offer employee self-service options?
  • Do they have the latest recruitment platform and offer online interviewing technology?
  • Is their technology available on a range of devices?
  • Is all of their technology cloud based?
  • Do they give you access to their technology, as well as full access to your data and reporting?

If the answer is no, keep looking. The whole point of Neo-Sourcing is to find a third party provider that you can partner with in order to get excellent service delivery with the latest technology.