Meet Our Team

Meet the Red Wind team of experienced and
dedicated professionals.

  • Tully Young

    Tully Young

    Managing Director & Founder
    Tully has over 16 years’ Human Resources and Industrial Relations experience focussed on Recruitment, Workforce .

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  • Kathy Karasavidis

    Kathy Karasavidis

    Board Advisory/Shareholder/Consultant
    Having worked closely with Tully Young for several years on the successful Blue Tongue venture, Kathy was the...

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  • Jon Thomas

    Jon Thomas

    Shareholder/Lead Software Developer
    Jon has extensive experience as an independent software consultant, and has been the resident technical expert...

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  • Paul Whittle

    Paul Whittle

    Customer Service Manager
    Paul has an extensive background spanning over 11 years across a wide range of Recruitment Services...

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  • Taryn Campbell

    Taryn Campbell

    Business Systems Advisor
    Taryn is the business systems, projects, and contracts administrator at group level across both Blue Tongue...

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  • Christian Kerr

    Christian Kerr

    Payroll Implementation Consultant
    Since joining the Red Wind team in August 2016, Christian has been a most valued member of our team for his ...

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  • Janet Angelkoska

    Janet Angelkoska

    Payroll Manager
    Janet has been the Payroll Manager for Blue Tongue and more recently Red Wind for more than 4 years ...

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  • Heather Wilson

    Heather Wilson

    HRM Consultant
    Heather has over nine years of experience working in Recruitment and Human Resources within the Mining and...

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  • Naomi Haoust

    Naomi Haoust

    Payroll Services Consultant
    Naomi had 5 years’ experience as an Air Traffic Controller with Macquarie Regional Radio-works and ...

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  • Tonia Evans

    Tonia Evans

    Administration Coordinator
    Tonia joined My Workforce in February 2014 and is responsible for looking after new accounts, including.......

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  • Sally Butcher

    Sally Butcher

    Payroll Consultant
    Sally is an experienced Mobilisation Coordinator and Recruitment Consultant with over 10 years’ experience...

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